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ZeitgeistReview On August - 20 - 2012


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Before I get to the big-budget games that are starting to be released for the fall season already, I wanted to give a quick review for an Indie game I played on Steam last week that put a smile on my face and gave me several hours of funny and cute entertainment. Unmechanical was released on August 8th for the PC and is coming later to the iOS by I believe publisher Teotl Studios and developer Talawa Games. You have to pardon my butchering of their names, as I’m sure I’ve done, as I’m not familiar with these companies by any means, but they at least deserve a bit of recognition for creating a really neat game.

Unmechanical is 2.5d side-scrolling puzzle game that puts in you in control of a cute little robot guy who is sucked underground into some kind of biomechanical labyrinth of sorts and the only thing you know is that you’ve got to escape – I think. As far as the story of the game is concerned, it really isn’t presented to you so I’m to assume it’s open to the interpretation of you the player.

Aside from the cute robot, the game’s environments are beautiful and the graphics overall are quite nice. There isn’t any voice acting per se, but the background music is addicting and gave me a sense of mystery combined with desperation. The game itself only lasts for about three hours and then ends kind of unexpectedly, but those three hours are filled with bliss as you’ll solve a series of physics, memory and logic-based puzzles with an extremely simply control scheme, all while navigating a variety of beautiful environments.

The robot is controlled with the ASDW keys on the keyboard to move, and clicking either mouse button or hitting the space bar makes the robot use a tractor beam of sorts to pick up and move objects. You’ll be required to solve something like 30 puzzles, none of which are too challenging, which makes this a great game to pick up and play with your children, or to just waste some time with on a boring afternoon.

There are two ways to end the game, both of which show up out of nowhere. Once I completed my first run-through though, I didn’t really have any desire to go back and play it again, considering I was able to complete it in a single session and would easily remember all of the puzzle solutions. So for the game’s $10 price tag, you really aren’t getting a lot of content but you would be helping a new talented gaming company get off their feet. See, Unmechanical started originally as a student project in Sweden and then evolved into an indie title from a bunch of rookies. Overall, it’s a pretty fun adventure and one I definitely recommend to gamers who enjoy solving puzzles!


Developer: Talawa Games
Publisher: Teotl Studios
Platform: PC, iOS
Price: $10
Release Date: 4/8/2012 (PC), Unknown iOS

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