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ZeitgeistReview On July - 15 - 2009

Hey everyone.  The Sims 3 just came out today and I was really excited to pick it up and give it a shot.  I’ve only had a chance to play the first 8 hours of the game but I’d like to show you what I was able to get accomplished.  This is my first Sims game, so I just jumped right into the game not knowing anything about it and found myself fully immersed right from the start.


The game begins with the creation of your Sim, or Sims.  You have the ability to start as a single Sim at any age, or you can form a family right away.  What’s great with The Sims is there isn’t any pre-defined story for you to play.  You have total freedom to do whatever you want in this completely open sandbox game.  I created several characters, all radically different from each other.  My first Sim was a young man on a quest to become the World’s Greatest Spy.  I bought a plot of land and got to build my house from the ground up.  Unfortunately you don’t start with much money, and I created a pretty big house so I found myself without any money to furnish it.  Woops.  Oh well, was beachfront property.

As I played for a few minutes I couldn’t resist the urge to restart as two super hot skimpy dressed lesbians. Of course I had to create them.  I know I know; I’m a perv.  Anyway, one was on a life quest to become a corporate executive while the other lived a dangerous night-life as a local thug.  One advantage I found going this route was that the multiple streams of income significantly helped me purchase the things I needed, not to mention the thief went on night missions to steal things around town and sell them to make lots of quick cash!


The Sims 3 has tons of options to customize your characters.  You have plenty of careers you can take on, and if you don’t like the route your taking, it’s as simple as choosing a new career from the local newspaper whenever you want.

The town is rather large and the entire map is loaded upon starting up the game, so you never have to worry about loading screens in the middle of game play.

The character creation options are ridiculous.  There really have to be an infinite number of ways you can customize your Sim.  I was actually able to create one that looks EXACLTY like me.  That’s really cool.

Along the same lines, there are equally as many ways that you can customize your Sims home.  You can create and expand the walls of your home at any time.  If you don’t like the paint or wallpaper art provided, simply make your own up all inside the game.  After about 8 hours in, this is what I got my Sims house looking like.  I probably wasted half of my time simply building and customizing my house.


The game is extremely simple to control.  As you drag your mouse across the screen it moves the camera for you and clicking the middle mouse button allows you to rotate it.  The mouse cursor will change over any object that you can interact with and simply left clicking it will bring up a list of possible interactions.  What is really cool is each character will have different interactions possible based on their personal traits, the time of day or even what kind of mood they are in.

I had a lot of fun interacting with other Sims, especially when I was trying to create a relationship with my couple.  After a little fidgeting, I was able to get them to start dating, fall in love, get married, and even get a little nasty.

Presentation (Cut due to lack of footage)

The graphics in The Sims 3 are great.  Granted, I have a pretty good gaming PC and a brand new Macbook Pro, so they both ran the game easily averaging over 100 frames per second with all of the bells and whistles turned on.  From what I’ve seen, this game should also run just fine on older machines as well with some of the options turned down.

The music in the game is very pleasing and energetic.  There are even options for you to choose which background songs you want to play for you, and you can even change the ringer on your Sim’s cell phone.

The Sims have their own language and they are always talking, but you never have any idea what the heck they are saying.  You can usually get the idea based on their body language and picture bubbles that appear over their heads.


Obviously since I wanted to recreate my characters right away, you can see how there will be tons of replayablility in the game.  There are just so many options on how you can customize your characters and try out different things to see what’s going to happen.  I found myself unable to put this game down for hours on end.  It is very addicting so I can see why it is such a hit!  The Sims 3 will be a time consumer and you certainly will get your moneys worth out of this title!

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