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ZeitgeistReview On January - 23 - 2012

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Alright, this week I’ve got another product review for you. Several months ago SteelSeries sent me their latest Diablo III PC Gaming Headset. Now I’ve been using this thing pretty extensively with my latest PC game reviews as well as for all of my recorded League of Legends matches on my other channel, ZGRWhyUDead and for the most part have had a wonderful experience with the exception of one potentially minor detail.

The Diablo III Headset comes equipped with a gold plated USB connection preloaded with drivers for Windows Vista and Windows 7, as well as Mac OS X 10.6. A 3 foot double-braided red and black nylon cord connects the headset to your PC and a 6.5 foot USB extension cable comes included in the package as well.

There’s no denying that this thing looks pretty mean. 2 areas of the headset are illuminated with 18 pulsating red LEDs surrounding the ear cups and decorating the sides with the distinguished Diablo III demon slashes. The headband is branded with various Diablo III markings which when combined with the LEDs really make this thing look evil and demonic. A black matte finish also compliments the look and feel of the Steelseries Diablo III mouse.

The headset encloses your ears completely and has passive noise reduction built from sound dampening foam and leather padded cushions. They don’t completely block all outside noise but actually work pretty well. The headband suspension is lightweight and stretches to fit any user but with that, I feel like I could easily break it. Luckily the headset is extremely comfortable to wear, even on top of my eye glasses, which is a significant improvement over my last gaming headset that made my ears sore after even short gaming sessions.

The 50mm driver unit produces frequencies ranging from 18-28hz giving high shrills and low bass tones. Well, that’s what the box says but that technical jargon really doesn’t mean much to me. The sound quality is great and there is even software included to set up and load 8 predefined or custom equalizer settings to tune to games differently. While it isn’t 5.1 surround sound, to me it still sounded pretty damn good, especially behind the noise reducing ear pieces.

A uni-directional retractable microphone slides right into the left earpiece. The mic includes active noise reduction of up to 20dB, a frequency range from 15-16,000hz and a sensitivity of -38dB. Again, this doesn’t mean much to me but I can tell you that the quality isn’t top-notch. The recorded sound is alright, but not as good as some other microphones that I’ve got. You can check out any of my League of Legends games that I recorded between November and December to hear for yourself. The microphone sound quality is absolutely acceptable for online gaming, but I wouldn’t recommend it for online video producers to use with their videos. An integrated volume controller is also included on the cord to instantly change the volume or mute the microphone for convenience.

Now, I can’t speak to whether or not the sound quality is better or worse than other headsets on the market, but I can say that I’ve had a good experience with this unit and will continue to use it as my primary gaming headset. It’s extremely comfortable to wear which is probably the most important feature to me. The sound quality is great and the LEDs combined with the overall design make this thing just look mean. The Steelseries Diablo III Headset is reasonably priced at around $120 which probably explains why the Steelseries Online Store is currently completely sold out. Do I recommend this product to PC gamers? Absolutely.


Manufacturer: Steelseries
Product: Diablo III Headset
Platform: PC
Price: $120

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**This product was provided to me free of charge from the manufacturer to review for you.

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