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ZeitgeistReview On September - 10 - 2010

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Alright, we’re almost through all of the expansions to Fallout 3. After reading through your comments on my previous videos, many of you consider Point Lookout to be the best expansion of the bunch, but I’m not sure that I feel the same. I enjoyed the play-through, but the drab and dreariness of the swamp just put me in a bad mood I think; but the hillbillies are pretty damned hilarious. If you have no idea what the hell I’m talking about, let’s check out Point Lookout.


There actually isn’t a radio broadcast to activate Point Lookout. You are presented with a quest to investigate someone selling some mysterious punga fruit down south. Upon checking it out, a woman greets you letting you know that her daughter Nadine had taken a ferry to Point Lookout, and had been missing for quite a while so being the hero that you are, you jump at the opportunity to look for some fresh tail. (No, that’s not really why you did it).

Tobar, the Ferryman, offers you a ride, for almost 400 caps, to Point Lookout where you’re told it’s a swampy area filled with dangerous creatures and many treasures to be found. Eventually you’ll meet up with Desmond, a ghoul defending his property from invaders. After securing the place he offers you a proposition to infiltrate the tribals, the crazy imbreds that had attacked his home, and find out why they keep attacking him in return for a reward.

To join the tribe you’ve got to go on a drug induced magical journey by eating fruit from the mother plant or something. From here things start to reveal themselves as to what’s really going on and how you are really involved in an age old political battle between a couple old dudes who have been using pawns to get their business accomplished. In the end you’ll have to decide which one you want to side with and then and settle the dispute once and for all.

Really, I didn’t understand how the story of this episode really started. You kind of just go to Point Lookout and get involved in some politics for no damned reason.


First of all, the game area for Point Lookout is pretty damned huge. There are objectives everywhere and the primary quest that you’ll partake in won’t even touch half of these, so you’ve got some good areas to explore and pick up a bunch of side-missions. On top of that, this place is just loaded with rednecks and mutated hillbillies, and for whatever reason, these dudes are tough as shit. The just have a ton of health and whooped my ass. I don’t get it. This expansion allows you to use your own gear the entire time, but you can’t bring any companions along for the journey, so I’d recommend stocking up on stimpacks, repairing your gear and getting a ton of ammo, because you’re gonna need it all!

The primary story mission took me about 4 and a half hours and that did not include doing ANY of the side missions. So all of this combined together means you’re getting a lot of content for your money here, but, the rewards, at least for the primary mission, are pretty much non-existent. You’ll earn a pretty decent perk about halfway through, but that’s about it.

Honestly, I think part of the reason I didn’t like this one as much as the others was because it was so hard. While the final battle of Broken Steel puts everything to shame as far as difficulty is concerned, being constantly challenged for nearly 5 hours is just exhausting!


As far as environments go, I enjoy that Point Lookout gave me something a bit different to look at, but it’s so dark and dreary that it just kept me in a foul mood. I wish I would have had the PC version of the title so I could mod this bad boy up with some greenery for a little bit. Anyway, once you understand what’s really going on with the primary mission, you realize that the story is actually quite interesting. As far as stories go, I think Point Lookout had the most interesting one out of the DLCs. I enjoy a good challenge here and there, but not for the long of a period. It would have been nice to find a power weapon or armor that was capable of making you last more than a few shots. Regardless, Point Lookout is still a good piece of DLC and I really enjoyed playing through this one as well. So was I doing something wrong? Why were all those hillbillies so tough? Leave your questions and comments below!




Developer: Bethesda Game Studios
Publisher: Bethesda Softworks
Platform: Xbox 360, PS3, PC
Price: $59.99

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**This title was provided to me free of charge from the publisher to review for you.

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